Class Outlines

The Class Outlines presents 3 things: 

  1. The section of Gemara he will be learning in that class 
  2. The components of the Gemara e.g. statement, question, answer, and proof 
  3. The keywords in that class followed by an explanation for each of them 

Introduction Classes

In many pieces of Gemara a student needs some background information in order to fully understand the discussion. It may be knowing a Mishna or Gemara that is quoted in that Gemara or it may be a concept that is introduced or just mentioned without being fully explained. 

Flowchart Classes

The flowcharts serve to map out the Gemara. In Gemara the discussion often branches out from the primary discussion to secondary and tertiary discussions. As a result it can become very difficult to see the bigger picture and get a clear understanding of the discussion in the Gemara. 

Another significant difficulty that comes up for those learning Gemara is that many students don’t see that each Gemara ultimately uses the same tools and processes in discussing and analyzing the Mishna. 

The flowchart classes serve to organize and provide a visual map of the whole Gemara as well as show how each Gemara uses the same basic tools in its discussion. 

This way students will develop a sense of confidence in their learning as they are able to see the bigger picture and seeing how each Gemara basically uses the same tools of logic. 

Text Classes

The text classes serve to provide a text based experience. The ultimate goal of learning Gemara is to develop the ability to independently learn a piece Gemara and appreciate how the discussion develops from the words of the Gemara. 

To this end there are text classes using the color coded system by, highlighting the words with the correct color. Beside the text there is a flowchart that indicates where in the flowchart the discussion is holding. 

This way students can see where they are holding in the discussion and can watch how the bigger picture comes to life from within the text. 


Gemara Academy has assessments on all of its classes. The assessments seek to help the teacher and student assess and build their skills. The assessments generally have 3 sections; Vocabulary, Understanding, and Breaking Down the Text. Teachers are able to run reports on individual students and on specific questions and question groups. This way the teacher is able to assess each individual student as well as the class as a whole.