“When I started learning through Gemara Academy, I seriously doubted that I would be able to understand a page of Gemara, let alone the commentaries, without a live teacher to explain it. I was very, very wrong. Thanks to the explanations, especially in the form of flowcharts, of the Gemara Academy videos, I have been able to start learning Gemara at home, on my own. Every time I watch a Gemara Academy video, I learn more, and I grow increasingly more confident in my ability to understand the concepts discussed in the Gemara. Gemara Academy has changed the way I look at Gemara, and it has given me the chance to really appreciate the wisdom of the text and the commentaries.” 


Washington State

I’m 64. I never had the opportunity to learn in yeshiva. I’m now learning in a American/hareidi yeshivaOhr Yaakov (the original location of Ohr Sameach), in Zikhron Yaakov. I’m in the intermediate group, and we’re learning Kesuvos with Shita Mekubetzis, Penei Yehoshua, etc. I find it very difficult, because it’s all oral and I have a visual learning style. Also, my vocabulary skills need work. All that is to explain why I was googling to find a website that goes through Rashi and Tosfos word for word, and that explains the Gemara’s structure, so that I can build my vocabulary AND get more comfortable and familiar with the structure of the Gemara. Imagine my surprise when I found Gemara Academy. I have never seen anything as clear and comprehensive as your site. May you and yours know only Bracha and Simcha in the coming year!” 


Awesome stuff! I have been looking so long for something like this. Thank you. Please keep up the good work!” 


“I very much like your approach to mapping out the Sugya. It has inspired me to do it more often in my own learning.” 


Dear Rabbi Hoffinger, I love your presentations on Gemaraacademy.com that clearly explain the intricacies of Gemara Shabbos. Thank you so much! 


I am a Bachur in the Mesivta of Coral Springs and I use the videos you make and they really help me learn. Thank you!” 


I enjoy Gemara Academy because I can finally learn Tosfos!”