Gemara Academy takes Talmidim on a visual tour of the Gemara’s structure so they can anticipate concepts, gain confidence and apply their skills as they grow.

One of the most common barriers to understanding Gemara is its vastness. Who can stomach that recurrent feeling of ineptitude, never knowing what approach the Gemara will take next?

Gemara Academy orients students to a consistente structure to be found throughout Shas, giving them a feeling of mastery that propels them onward.

There are over 1,000 lessons already available!

Because Gemara is a study of the Mishna, it uses the same tools over and over again. Rabbi Hoffinger’s system shows exactly which tools the Gemara uses in each Sugya and how these can be found on the larger map of Gemara. 

One of the important goals of Gemara Academy is that the student come to appreciate the text, and not that the text be replaced with a visual class. As a result, each flowchart mirrors the Gemara that it’s teaching. In addition each slide presentation shows the Gemara text with the Tzuras Hadaf so that the student can become familiar and comfortable with the text. 

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