I wanted to take a moment to thank you for Gemara Academy and share with you how this program benefits myself and my students on a daily basis. I teach in a Day School and this is the first year my students are introduced to Gemara. I searched for the proper curriculum to help my students learn best. This past summer I came across “Gemara Academy“. We met and I was truly impressed. However, I still wasn’t sure how my students would respond. As of this point in the year, I look back and can see how much they’ve gained. The slides are prepared clearly and my students have shown understanding and excitement for their learning. They are able to recognize questions and answers in the sugya and are beginning to understand the thought process of the Gemara. Another great feature which was just added is the on-line quizzes. These quizzes are prepared in a way which I as the Rebbi can go back and see exactly where each student is having difficulty.   Thank You Rabbi Hoffinger for always being available to help and guide me in using the program and may we see much nachas from our students.”

Rabbi Yankel Jelen 

Mazel Day School, Brooklyn New York

“Dear Rabbi Hoffinger, I want to thank you very much for your incredible Gemara Academy program. For the last couple of months, I’ve been using Gemara Academy in my 8th grade class, it has completely transformed our whole Gemara learning experience. Gemara Academy brings such clarity, giving the Talmidim a very clear picture of the structure of the Gemara, it then goes through the Gemara inside and puts all the information that they learned, into the words of the Gemara. The boys walk away with the ability to read the Gemara inside fluently and accurately, with a clear understanding of each step of the Gemara. We also benefit very much from the Gemara Academy quizzes that the boys do as homework, at the conclusion of each class. This gives them a thorough Chazara of the Sugya, testing and strengthening their knowledge of the Sugya from various different angles. I can’t thank you enough for the tremendous impact that the Gemara Academy is having on our class.  I also want to thank you for always being available to answer any questions that I may have, whenever I message you, you always respond right away offering help and solutions for any issue that may come up. May the Eibershter bench you with much continued Hatzlacha in your holy work!” 

Rabbi Nochum Labkowski

8th grade Rebbe Cheder at the Ohel, Valley Stream, NY

“To whom It may concern, I have been using Gemara Academy for the last several months and it has had such a positive influence on my Gemara class. As a 6th grade Rebbe/ Haschalas Gemara ​can be very challenging. Using technology really helps the kids focus and adds an excitement in the learning.  Gemara Academy is divided into many small lessons and the break down of each lesson makes learning very simple and easy. Some may be a little skeptical with getting involved with technology but Rabbi Hoffinger is amazing with communication. I feel very confident knowing that at any time (even during my lesson) I can email Rabbi Hoffinger and he will respond to me instantly. Knowing this and having such support really makes the program a breeze.    Each student of mine received their very own log in and can use the program at home. The program has quizzes, worksheets and word for word translation. I would highly recommend the use of Gemara Academy for any classroom! I hope that Rabbi Hofinger continues to introduce many more functions and adds exciting things for our students to learn. Yasher Koach! 

R’ Shmuel Levy

6th grade Rebbe, Yavneh Academy, Los Angeles, 2017 תשע”ז

“I would like to give a personal ישר כוח to Rabbi Hoffinger for his program – Gemara Academy. It helps immensely in my class; it enables the boys to follow the structure of the גמרא in a way that is very conducive for 6th graders learning how to learn גמרא.  There are a number of ways that it helps: 

  1. Just in general it helps the students because it is projected on the board with colors 
  2. The students can see very clearly what is a question and what an answer 
  3. They see the build-up, and if there is a מחלוקת or a side discussion they will see it in two separate columns 
  4. They have an introduction and know what is coming at them.  

When I was young I did not have this but I wish I did, it would have helped a lot, your program really contributes to the  world of תורה. Again thanks and ילכו מחיל אל חיל.” 

Rabbi Shimon Dubinsky

Rebbe, The Cheder at the Ohel, New York

“Gemara Academy has totally transformed my classroom. My students appreciate seeing in front of them a clear map of the day’s Gemara, as well as the different forms of learning and review that are consistent in each lesson. Also with Gemara academy our Chavrusa time has become much more efficient and productive with a much heavier load of thoughtful questions from the Talmidim. As a teacher I also appreciate having a clear outline of my in-class goals. Gemara Academy has also greatly assisted me in my preparations outside of class. 

Rabbi Shimon Emlen

Teacher and Development Manager, MMSC Day School, Seattle Washington

Dear Reb Chananya I have been using your Gemara flowcharts in my eighth grade class since the beginning of this year. The boys enjoy using them and find them very helpful. Many boys tell me that even when they knew the Gemara already, seeing it in the flowchart form makes it clearer to them. The charts are helping all the boys in the class get a better handle on the Gemara. For some it’s additional clarity and for others it helps them to get the basic Pshat, so everyone has gained by their use. Hatzlacha Rabbah in your Avodas Hakodesh. 

Rabbi Avrohom Zupnik

Rebbe, Lakewood Cheder, New Jersey

I use the Gemara Academy classes all the time, they are a highly effective tool in getting the students to be clear in and to be able to concentrate on the גמרא, I would strongly recommend the use of this program. 

Rabbi Perlow

Rebbe, Hamesivta, New York

Gemara Academy has truly opened the world of Gemara learning to many of our students in a non-threatening and structured manner. We have seen tremendous progress with all our students, from those just beginning their Gemara learning, to those who are more advanced. Rabbi Hoffinger has brought an accessible and straightforward Gemara learning methodology that is intuitive and a pleasure to use and greatly customizable to a teacher’s and studentsunique needs. Highly recommended! 

Rabbi Yossi Bassman

Administrator of Hillel High School, Milwaukee

Having used Gemara Academy for the last 4 years I have found it to be extremely helpful for many of the students. The PowerPoint classes help with being a visual aid, and they also provide an organized layout which helps the students have a clearer understanding of the Gemara.” 

An appreciative Rebbe

Hamesivta, New York